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Session Pricing
We offer 2 options at the beginning. In this way, you can have more direct experience with the Tesla Energy Lights, AC & DC units, slowly adding time before proceeding further. All sessions are up to 15 minutes long..

Introductory Offer A
$60.00 3 Sessions (Redeem within 14 days)

Introductory Offer B

$90.00 6 Sessions (Redeem within 28 days)
Tesla Energy Lights Sessions
After completing either of our introductory offers, the follow options apply.
$35.00 1 Session (Redeem within 1 month)
$60.00 2 Sessions (Redeem within 2 months)
$75.00 3 Sessions (Redeem within 3 months)
$100.00 5 Sessions (Redeem within 6 months)
$400.00 Diamond* Unlimited (Redeem as often as once daily, Mon. - Sat. for 4 weeks.)

Group Sessions
You can also choose to receive a session in a group, either a group of your choosing by purchasing a Group Series, or in a group at a facility, by purchasing a single Group Session.
#/Group #/Sessions $/Total $/Session $/Person
2 1 $45.00   $45.00 $22.00
2 4 $120.00   $30.00 $15.00
3 1 $50.00   $50.00 $16.67
3 4 $140.00   $35.00 $11.67
4 1 $55.00   $55.00 $13.75
4 4 $160.00   $40.00 $10.00

All sessions are by appointment only, according to availability.

We are available days, evenings and some Saturdays. Our peaceful studio is in the Midtown area near Taft and W. Gray.

We accept cash or checks with TDL# payable to Tesla Light Systems.

****Those with pacemakers, cannot receive sessions.****


Thank you for your interest in Tesla Light Systems.
We look forward to hearing from you!


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