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Pricing and Lease/Purchase of TESLA ENERGY LIGHTS™

Tesla Energy Lights               Tesla Energy Lights Massage table

Complete Dual System for sitting, standing and lying with both AC and DC bias units

A-26: Basic system for Balance & Grounding  - 13 tubes per carousel1 AC bias (yang/male) & 1 DC bias (yin/female) base each
2  - 13 tube Carousels
2  - *24” Crystal Center Air tubes
24 - 10” single gas tubes
$16,990 + shipping (inquire about credit card price)
* Up to 70% more frequencies with exclusive upgrade to 26” from 24” + $200 each x 2

Single Unit for sitting or standing with either AC or FDC bias

1 AC bias (yang/male) or 1 DC bias (yin/female) base each
1  - 13 tube Carousel
1  - 24” Crystal Center Air tube
12 - 10” single gas tubes

Either AC or DC bias unit $8,495 + shipping each (Inquire about credit card price)

New 17 Tube Carousel - Not availabel anywhere elseAdvanced: UPGRADE with Exclusive DL Tube Options and 17 tube Carousels - not available anywhere else

B-34: Deeper & Wider Balance & Grounding with Ethereal Accent - 17 tubes per carousel
A-26 above, plus the following upgrades:
    2 - 17 Tube Carousels
    2 - Upgraded 27” Crystal Center Air tubes
    4 - Expansion 10” tubes and 4 -10” multi-gas Divine Love DL pink tubes

$18,440 + shipping (inquire about credit card price)
C-34: Enhanced Ethereal with Deeper & Wider Balance & Grounding - 17 tubes per carousel
A-26 above, plus the following upgrades:
    2 - 17 Tube Carousels
    8 - Expansion 10” tubes
    2 - Upgraded 27” Crystal Center Tubes of Divine Love DL multi-gas

$18,740 + shipping
(inquire about credit card price)

To order any “D” system requires A, B or C as a pre-requisite (for balance & grounding)

D-26 or D-34: SPECIAL YIN ONLY SERIES - Purely for Personal Development – Experimental - 13 or 17 DL multi-gas tubes per carousel
    D-26 – Pure Ethereal 26
    1 AC bias (yang/male) & 1 DC bias (yin/female) base each
    2 Carousels holding 13 tubes
    2 - 27” Premium Crystal Center Divine Love - multi-gas “DL” Tubes
    24 - 10” multi-gas “DL” Tubes

$22,990 + shipping or 1 Unit - $11,495 + shipping
- (inquire about credit card price)

    D-34 - Pure Ethereal 26 above, plus the following upgrades:
    34 DL multi-gas tubes plus 2 - 17 Tube Carousels

Add $2200 (inquire about credit card price)

Special Rates available for multiple system purchases - please inquire

Handheld set of Afterglow CrystalsHand Held Set of AfterglowCrystals with embedded magnets to charge up

Use while away, remotely and with those who want the chi energy but are unable to have a physical session.

$275/set of 2
(subject to market availability.

Plug-In Umbilical Cord Remote Timer Option for security & easy access

Custom lengths: 2’ to 12’ @

$275 each (available only at time of original order - allow additional 10 days)

Maintenance-free dials upgradeMaintenance-Free Dials Upgrade are Included on all Orders

Dial allows user immediate access to adjust spark power without tools, meaning no returning to the factory for maintenance. We only use the Latest Heavy Duty Rods and Spark Gaps to provide extended life.  Components designed for heavy clinical or personal use.

Value: $500 per unit/$1000 per set

GDV Camera Pro

GDV Camera Pro

For objective proof that your Tesla Energy Lights system really shifts energy.  GDV Camera Pro (Gas Discharge Visualization) records energy prints of 10 fingers before and after the session. Use with your PC. Program shows parasympathetic and sympathetic in charts, volume, symmetry, entropy, full body energy (as on left panel) and alignment of chakras.

Compete with software: Pro Model £13,500 or Compact £9,500 + shipping from Finland (allow 30 days delivery) - subject to prevailing exchange rates with the Euro £.


Payment Options

Business/Personal, Cashiers Check or Wire Transfer in USD.  Inquire about credit card pricing for USA orders only.

3rd Party Lease/Purchase is available @ $1 or 10% buyout.  Terms are from leasing company, subject to change.  


$125 Continental US per unit. International, HI, AK and PR will quote.  Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Bill Workman
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